Servants Are Too Cute to Handle in "Fate/Grand Order"/Sanrio Collab

Shoot, even Gilgamesh is adorable.


Sanrio is summoning a second round of Fate/Grand Order collectibles starting next year, and they're so cute they may even take the sting out of Excalibur Morgan. (A little.)



The second set of Sanrio redesigns features a trio of Alters (Altria, Jeanne, and Cú Chulainn), Caster Gilgamesh, Arthur Pendragon (Prototype), and more. The ten adorable Servants will be featured on a series of new accessories and housewares, including:



Acrylic Keychain: 756 yen

Pinback Button: 432 yen

Mug: 1,620 yen

Portable Mirror: 972 yen

Ballpoint Pen: 648 yen

Lunch Tote: 1,296 yen

Mini Hand Towel:  864 yen

Clear File: 432 yen

Notebook-Style iPhone Case: 3,240 yen

T-Shirt: 3,240 yen


Each item is available in ten variants, featuring one of the new Servants in this line.


The new Fate/Grand Order Sanrio line launches January 19 at animate.


>> Fate/Grand Order x Sanrio Collab Site

>> Official Fate/Grand Order Site

>> Watch Fate/Grand Order -First Order- on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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