"Sword Art Online" Gets Beta Access to Valentine's With Latest Limited Art Goods

Real World Asuna and Suguha are presented preparing chocolate on tapestries on series of goods

This year, Movic launched a series of subject-themed Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale goods with original art - to be offered through mail-order and their Animate stores. The first of these was October's "Sport's Day."  Christmas came next. Now, it's already time to look to Valentine's Day. 


Real World Asuna and Suguha are presented preparing chocolate on tapestries (4,000yen), mugs (800yen), totes ( 1,600yen), smartphone cases (3,500yen), straps (800yen), buttons (600yen), charms (650yen) and chocolate bars (450yen). Sales are open through January 25th with a February 15th release scheduled.





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