Kizuna AI Rocks IRL with New Good Smile Swag Bag

Virtual YouTuber will launch goodie bag at Comiket 93.


Virtual YouTuber Kizunai AI is the darling of AniTwitter all around the world, from her Resident Evil videos to her attempts at mastering DuoLingo. Now, fans can get a cut of the digital star's action with a new set of goodies, created via a collaboration with Good Smile.



The set includes an A4-size clear file, a sheet of clear stickers, a Nendoroid Plus acrylic standee, and four "Installing" pinback buttons, all delivered in an A3-size gift bag.


Attendees of Comiket 93 can be the first to get their hands on the set by dropping by the Gifts booth (located in the West Hall industry booths). The rest of the world can preorder theirs between December 31 and February 1.



A new video on AI's channel features Good Smile president Takanori Aki and blogger/reviewer Kahotan chatting with the YouTuber about the potential for an actual Nendoroid. While no promises have been made, it seems the Comiket gift bag will be something of a test run of AI -- and there's at least the vague potential of AI being the line's 900th installment.


>> A.I. Channel

>> Good Smile's Kizuna AI Product Page





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