Is "Bravely Default" Teasing a Nintendo Switch Release?

New art shows Edea Lee celebrating with iconic red and blue.


The official Bravely Default Twitter has sent everyone some adorable seasons' greetings featuring series heroine Edea Lee -- but fans haven't let Edea's choice of controllers escape their notice.



The art, drawn by ikusy, features Edea waving around the red and blue Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, with what looks like a Switch console tucked into a stocking.


Fans are taking this as a sign of either a Bravely Default Switch port, or a new game coming out exclusively for the Switch. (Or potentially both.) The account hasn't made a comment, simply tweeting "Happy Merry Christmas!" along with the picture.


It could simply be a nice little in-company reference -- after all, who wouldn't be happy to get a Switch in their stocking? But most companies know how closely fans follow everything they share on social media, so it's unlikely Square Enix would roll this out and not assume people would read it as something of a "soft announcement."


So is it a hint? Or just some cute art? Hopefully we'll find out in 2018.


>> Official Bravely Default Website






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