Polygon Pictures Attached to "Fist of the Blue Sky Regenesis" Anime

Martial arts anime planned for spring 2018

Plans for the April TV anime of Fist of North Star prequel, Fist of the Blue Sky - Regenesis have updated along with a new preview. Scheduled to air on Tokyo MX in April, it will be supervised by co-creator Tetsuo Hara. Ajin's Yoshio Kazumi is back at Poylgon Pictures for the series with Satoshi Ozaki writing and Kazuma Teshigahara and Hiromi Sato on character designs. Kouichi Yamadera, who voiced Kenshiro Kasumi in the 2006 Blue Sky anime, reprises the lead. 


Broadcast will be on Tokyo MX while Amazon Prime streams it.



Gutsoon, who started releasing the series in English, described it:

It is just before WWII, Kasumi Kenshiro hides as a quiet, absent-minded professor teaching literature at a small women's college in Tokyo. Once the 62nd Grand Master of Hokuto Shinken, "God Fist of the North Star," and known has Yan Wang, or "the King of Death," who preserved the peace in the "City of Devils." A fighter of thugs and drug dealers, Kasumi seeks anonymity and a quiet life until the death of his lover, and former brothers, forces him to return to Shanghai to fulfill his destiny and avenge the deaths of his associates.


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