Key Reveals Teaser and Characters of New VN "Summer Pockets"

Kana Hanazawa narrates the new PV from the creators of "CLANNAD."


Key's previously teased Summer Pockets has launched its official website, complete with a new teaser trailer showing off some of the upcoming visual novel's beautiful art.



Narrated by Kana Hanazawa, the PV shows us more of the upcoming visual novel's setting, Toshirojima (based on Ogijima in Kagawa Prefecture). You play as Hairi Takahara, who grew up in an urban setting but chooses to leave because of an "unpleasant incident." When his grandmother in Toshirojima dies, he uses her estate sale as an excuse to escape to the island village. This is where he meets the game's four heroines.

Shiroha Naruse: A girl who forgot her summer vacation.


Ao Sorakado: A girl pursuing legends of the island.


Kamome Kushima: A high-class girl searching for a pirate ship.


Tsumugi Wenders: A young girl trying to find herself.


Summer Pockets comes out June 29, and will retail for 8,800 yen.


>> Official Summer Pockets Website

Source: Ota-Suke




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