Tokyo Otaku Mode Rolls Out "Otaku Coin" Cryptocurrency

"Initial coin offering" using blockchain technology planned for 2018


Tokyo Otaku Mode is developing "Otaku Coin" - a cryptocurrency designed around the production and consumption of anime, manga, and video games - with plans for an ICO ("initial coin offering") in 2018.



Based on the ERC20 Standard and utilizing blockchain technology, the project seeks to ultimately serve as a stepping stone toward an “Anime Production Committee 2.0”, uniting fans, artists, and production companies together through the use of a shared cryptocurrency.



In addition to the direction and supervision of Tokyo Otaku Mode's top tier of management, the "Otaku Coin" project also includes advisers such as anime producer Taro Maki and journalist Tadashi Sudo, as well as virtual Youtuber Kizuna Ai as the official "Otaku Coin" ambassador. For an in-depth look at the plans for "Otaku Coin", please check out the official English language home page here.



Official "Otaku Coin" home page (English language version)

PR Times via Otakomu


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