"Doraemon" Flies into 2018 with Hour-Long TV Special

New Year's Eve event brings adventures old and new, plus a look ahead.


2017's been a weird year -- why not see it out with an earless robot cat from the future? Beloved children's character Doraemon will be ringing out the old year this Monday with an hour-long special, featuring both classic adventures and a few new surprises.


It's New Year's Eve! The 1-Hour Doraemon Special will air December 31 and kick things off with a pair of new stories, featuring Doraemon and Nobita getting in their usual levels of supernatural trouble:



First, Doraemon gets all Fruits Basket (or Juni Taisen, if you prefer) in "Zodiac Transformation Dice," in which he gifts Nobita with tech that allows him to turn into animals from the Chinese zodiac. Then, in "Dream Channel" (adapted from Volume 15 of the manga), Nobita fights insomnia with a magic TV that allows him to view the dreams of others.


These two shorts will be paired with 2007's "Typhoon Fuuko," in which Nobita's desire for a pet bird leads to him hatching a baby hurricane in his living room. As you do.



The special will also include footage of Doraemon and Nobita aboard a real 50-foot sailing ship as they continue to market this spring's new movie, Nobita's Treasure Island.

And just in case you're still in need of some new content, Doraemon will return with more new shorts for a collaboration with everyone's favorite wholesome kindergartner, Crayon Shin-chan. This time, we'll see new versions of God Robot Extends His Hand of Love! and Getting Rich with the Yen-cil, as well as a rerun of 2009's Nobizaemon's Treasure.

Viewers in Japan can also have a go at picking up an impressive prize pack. Ace the quizzes set during the January 7 show, and you could win a complete set of Doraemon Vol. 1-24 manga and the book Doraemon Monogatari by Shintarou Mugiwara.


It's New Year's Eve! The 1-Hour Doraemon Special airs December 31 at 4 PM on TV Asahi. The 2018 Doraemon/Crayon Shin-chan Winter Anime Festival airs at January 7 starting at 10 AM.


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