LINE Offers Moment-by-Moment Commentary on "Kokkoku" Premiere

Cast and crew members to gather for a live Episode watch-along.


The cast and crew of upcoming seinen thriller Kokkoku: Moment by Moment are just as excited about the show's premiere as the rest of us. To that end, some of them will be gathering on LINE LIVE for a premiere night watch-along and commentary.



Fans can expect to hear from voice actress Chika Anzai (Juri Yukawa) and series director Yoshimitsu Ohashi on Ohashi's personal LINE LIVE channel.


Adapted from the manga of the same title, Kokkoku follows Juri and her family into the time-stopped world of Stasis to rescue her brother and nephew from a strange religious group. But upon arriving, they find they aren't the onlyones who can move freely through Stasis.


Kokkoku premieres January 7.


>> Official Kokkoku Website

Source: Ota-Suke




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