"Fate/Extra - Last Encore" Anime Samples T.M.Revolution Opening Song

Series kicks off in Japan starting January 27


The Fate/Extra - Last Encore anime is getting ready to begin in Japan in a little under a month on January 27, so a third promo is here to hype up the action to come. Check out the latest footage of the Yukihiro Miyamoto (Madoka Magica movies) directed series, featuring some of Takanori "T.M.Revolution" Nishikawa's "Bright Burning Shout" opening theme, below. 



Based on Story By: Type-Moon/Marvelous

Written by Kinoko Nasu

Based on Character Designs By: Arco Wada

Production Studio: Shaft

General Director: Akiyuki Shinbo

Series Director: Yukihiro Miyamoto (Madoka Magica movies, Hidamari Sketch)

Character design: Masaaki Takiyama (Nyarko-san, Tokyo ESP)


Music: Satoru Kousaki (Monogatari)

OP: Takanori "T.M.Revolution" Nishikawa 

ED: Sayuri



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