Eva Pilots Speak Volumes in New "Evangelion" Dictionary Set

If you look up "run away" in these dictionaries, there's literally a picture of Shinji.


Are you an Evangelion fan? Do you speak Japanese, or are you at least willing to pretend to? Gakken has a line of dictionaries coming out that you may very well need.


Gakken is known for their dictionaries and language reference books, including a series of pocket dictionaries and thesauruses to help with inspiration and word choice. Promising to be useful for everything from business emails to poetry, the guides cover common, obscure, foreign, and outdated words. These five guides are a box set reprint of some of their more popular editions, each paired with a relevant Eva pilot.


Rei Ayanami graces a volume on emotions:


Shinji Ikari demonstrates everyday/practical words:


Asuka Shikinami Langley is the cover girl for the "creative naming" volume, which offers synonyms for words in up to eight languages:


Mari Makinami Illustrious graces a volume on "linked" words and word choice:


And Kaworu Nagisa takes the cover of a volume of uncommon and outdated kanji:


Gakken will be releasing all five volumes in a box set starting February 6.


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Source: Comic Natalie




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