Tatsunoko Continues 55th Anniversary with "Greatest Hits" Album

"Tatsunoko GoGo" collects themes from "Speed Racer," "Gatchaman," and more


Anime powerhouse Tatsunoko Pro is such a big deal, they've created anime known even to people outside anime fandom. The company has been rolling for 55 years -- which, considering their creation of Mach 5 Go-Go, is a banner occasion for them. To continue their "Tatsunoko Pro GoGo" celebrations, the studio is dropping two CD sets of tunes from some of their legendary series.



The first set, the "Sci-Fi and Action Edition," contains themes from Hurricane Polymar, Casshern, and multiple eras of Speed Racer, Gatchaman, and others. You'll also find tunes from lesser-known favorites like Future Police Urashiman and Red Photon Zillion.

Time Bokan fans will want to fly over to the "Gag and Fantasy Edition," which features tunes from the meta-series's various installments -- including, of course, Yatterman. The two-CD set also contains themes from The Adventures of Hutch the Honeybee, Alpen Rose, and Tatsunoko's versions of Pinocchio and Robin Hood.

All told, the four CDs together come out to 90 tracks.


Each two-CD set is 3,000 yen, and will be released from Columbia on January 31.


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