Sankt Gallen Brewery Launches "A Sister's All You Need" Beer Flight

Try six real-world beers featured in the series


Japanese fans of A Sister's All You Need were quick to catch on to the cast's choice of drinks. Drafts appeared from Orion and (in the case of a root beer) A&W, but Atsugi-shi's Sankt Gallen Brewery had a major uptick in business. Even a few months after the first episode aired, the brewery's Kokutou Sweet Stout featured in it was selling more than triple its usual run!


To satisfy fan demand, Sankt Gallen has decided to sell a sample pack of six of the beers featured in the series.



The six-pack will include:


-- Kokutou Sweet Stout (Episode 1)

-- Golden Ale (Episodes 2 and 11)

-- Imperial Chocolate Stout (Episode 4)

-- Kansha Beer Black (Episode 6)

-- Brown Porter (Episode 7)

-- Kansha Beer Gold (Episode 12)


The set goes on sale January 11, and will be available to purchase until the middle of next month or while supplies last. Since the Imperial Chocolate Stout is a limited-run product made specifically for Valentine's Day, it will be available in limited quantities.


>> ImoSae Beer Sampler Product Page

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Source: Anime! Anime!




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