Gundam Fan Calculates Firing Range of the Guntank Using Google Maps

Without the interference of Minovsky Particles, it could fire from Tokyo and hit Nagoya


With its pair of shoulder-mounted recoil-less cannons, its stubby missile fingers, and its dopey tractor treads, the RX-75-4 Guntank from the classic 1979 mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam has occasionally earned scorn and derision compared to its cooler, sleeker battle-cousins. But thanks to a little arithmetic and some help from Google Maps, an intrepid Gundam fan hopes that the Guntank will earn the respect that it deserves.


The revelations were posted to Twitter by a user known as Asuka (@7446asuka), a self-described fan of Mobile Suit Gundam, The [email protected], and plastic model kits.



Translation: "I thought it was a lie, but this range is the effective firing range of the Guntank."


For reference, the maximum range of the Guntank's 180mm recoil-less cannons is listed on Wikipedia as 260 kilometers (about 162 miles), although the entry notes that the dispersal of Minovsky particles interferes with electromagnetic and radio waves, making accurate machine-assisted, long-distance targetting impossible. Asuka also addresses this point:




"It's strange that people say it can't be used effectively from this range (lol)

Are Minovsky particles really that effective, I wonder..."


Practically speaking, what do all these numbers mean? Asuka addresses that as well:



Translation: "As a common follow-up, if you suppose that the Guntank's main cannon only had an effective range of 240 kilometers, even though it still seems like a numerical error when you think about it, if you apply it to the current map, you can still bombard Nagoya all the way from Tokyo (lol)"



Truly, the Guntank is a fearsome war-machine.


Source: My Game News Flash


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