Get the Inside Scoop on Go Nagai with "Mazinger Z Daikaibou" Mook

Interviews, full-color manga, and more in new compilation


Enjoying your Go Nagai bender? We're not done. It's just been announced that we have a new compilation mook to look forward to: Mazinger Z Daikaibou, a collection of interviews and manga tracing the history of the franchise and its creator.


The mook, released by San-Ei Shobo Publishing, is a celebration both of the 45th anniversary of Mazinger Z and the 50th anniversary of Go Nagai's debut as a creator. Nagai is interviewed about his work and his impressions of Mazinger Z/Infinity, as well as producer Yutaka Kanamaru and Nagai's brother Takashi.

The mook will also include full-color reprints of the opening scenes of Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and UFO Robo Grendizer, as well as the finale of Great Mazinger. Still not done -- there will also be a special Mazinger Z/Infinity comic, and two more premiere works.


Mazinger Z Daikaibou retails for 940 yen, and is available now on the San-Ei Shobo Website.


>> Mazinger Z Daikaibou Product Page

>> Mazinger Z Website

>> Watch Mazinger Edition Z on Crunchyroll

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