Hit Idol Anime "Hoshiiro Girldrop" Makes the Jump To Manga

Sometimes a joke is so meta, it rolls back around into being something real...


If you're well-versed in the antics of Pop Team Epic and "kuso manga boy" Bkub Okawa, then you may already be familiar with the recurring meta-gag of Hoshiiro Girldrop, a "manga" turned "TV anime" about an ordinary high school boy and his would-be fiancée who moonlights as a secret idol singer. Now things have taken a turn for the even weirder, because Takeshobo is publishing a Hoshiiro Girldrop anthology comic.



The Hoshiiro Girldrop Comic Antholgy  will be published in Japan on January 11, 2018. The book features a cover illustration by Poyoyon Rock (aka Akio Watanabe) and includes internal illustrations and comics by such artists as Bkub Okawa, Aoi Umeki, Itaru Hinoue, Mengo Yokoyari, Tetsuya Imai, Kafun, Sadaji Koike, Hatopopoko, Auri Hirao, and more. The anthology retails for 810 yen ($7.16 US).



Is this just another elaborate prank? I'm confused and a little afraid, which is the proper reaction when faced with the prospect of a real version of Hoshiiro Girldrop.


Source: Otakomu


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