Idol Babies Make Their Dreams Come True in "YOUNG of PRISM"

"KING of PRISM" anniversary spinoff explores the characters' childhoods


All together now... awwww.

Pretty Rhythm boys' side spinoff KING of PRISM is celebrating its second anniversary this winter, and its festivities are stepping fans back in time to the idols' early days. A line of merchandise, combined with a short story series, will bring their stories together in YOUNG of PRISM.

New merch will be available monthly, based on each character's birthday. January baby Kouji Mihama is up first, with cushions, keyrings, bromides, and more going on sale at Animate on January 12. Leap year kids Shin and Louis will have their turn starting next month.


Monthly magazine PASH! will be the home of the short story series, titled YOUNG of PRISM: I Am Born! by KING of PRISM. The series will be penned by Jou Aoba, the writer behind both KING of PRISM films, and will tell "little stories" of how the idols first set off on their path to stardom.


>> YOUNG of PRISM Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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