Pour One out for Go Nagai with "Devilman" Anniversary Scotch

98-proof Invergordon hails from 1972, just like the show


If you're looking for an extra-classy way to celebrate the anniversaries of Devilman and his creator, Go Nagai, perhaps we could interest you in a 45-year-old scotch.



The "Devilman Label" Invergordon Scotch was chosen by whiskey critic Hideo Yamaoka specifically for the occasion of Go Nagai's 50th anniversary as a creator. The single grain scotch, like Devilman itself, is a 1972 vintage. And, as you might expect, there's not much of it to go around.


Only 252 bottles will be sold, and they don't come cheap: each is 29,160 yen (about $261). Due to limited quantity, sales will be limited to three bottles per person.


The Scotch will only be available through Pal Shop's "Otona no Ippin" catalogue, which specializes in high-end goods.


>> Devilman Scotch Product Page

Source: Comic Natalie




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