Kamina and Yoko Get Casual in "SuperGroupies" Apparel Line

New clothes and accessories imagine the pair's personal gear


Fashion-forward company SuperGroupies has dreamed up some new gear for Gurren Lagann fans. Hot-blooded Kamina and sharpshooter Yoko are reimagined in casual wear bearing the logo of their Brigade -- and, fortunately for fans, available for sale.



Kamina's new attire was made to keep his burning soul cozy: an overcoat with his trademark colors represented in the lining, a casual shirt with a Gurren Brigade logo embroudered on the pocket, low-cut sneakers with accents to match his hair, stylish glasses with his tattoo motif on the sides, and a Gurren Brigade watch.




Yoko's line consists of mix-and-match separates to accentuate her "sweet and spicy" personality. They include a satin jacket with skull motif, a cut and sewn shirt with a bold "Yoko" label on the hem, a winter hat with her skull logo as a patch, a silver bracelet with engraved flames, and a tiny skull pendant with a red gem to match her hair.



Items can be ordered online to be shipped out January 25, or bought at Seibu Ikebukuro between January 17-23. Those who buy items in-store will be able to pick up special bromides featuring the new character art, as well as the models in both the new outfits and the characters' series clothes.


>> SuperGroupies Gurren Lagann Collaboration Page

>> Watch Gurren Lagann on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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