Crunchyroll Lines Up Details for "HAKYU HOSHIN ENGI" Anime

Series launches today at 7:15am PST

Following up on this week's acquisition announcement, Crunchyroll revealed details for the HAKYU HOSHIN ENGI anime's simulcast. The series is set to launch today, January 12, at 7:15am PST.


HAKYU HOSHIN ENGI will be available to Crunchyroll members worldwide except for Asia.




A once thrived kingdom, In—now governed by an evil hermit, Dakki, and her party—is in a chaotic status with its people suffering Dakki’s oppressions. Seeing this, The Hermit Band took it seriously and planned a "Hoshin Plan" which is assigned to an apprentice hermit, Daikobo, who gathered partners, captured and sealed all evil hermits, and planned to establish a new kingdom. On the other hand, the strongest and an In- royal hermit, Bunchu, stood up against Daikobo to protect the old kingdom with all his might. Thus, the death battle among invincible hermits begins...



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