Otaku Coin Adds Oculus Rift, ANN Bosses to Advisory Committee

Palmer Lucky and Christopher MacDonald will be helping to guide the cryptocurrency's future


Otaku Mode's upcoming cryptocurrency "Otaku Coin" is expanding its ranks as it grows ever closer to becoming a reality. Joining their advisory committee most recently are Oculus Rift creator Palmer Lucky and Anime News Network CEO Christopher MacDonald.



Luckey founded Oculus VR at the age of 19, and went on to create the Oculus Rift headset. He left the company in 2017, three years after Oculus was aquired by Facebook, and now works with an AR/VR startup company working in defense.



MacDonald joined ANN in 2000 as their editor-in-chief, and has gone on to become the company's CEO. The two will be joining journalist Tadashi Sudo and business partner AnyPay on the advisory committee. Also on the panel, serving as the cryptocurrency's ambassador, is virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI.



Otaku Coin is one of the recent moves to turn the cryptocurrency model into a way to directly support anime creators and projects. Otaku Mode will allow people to collect "Otaku Coins" by watching, reviewing, and sharing anime and content. the coins will then go to support creators, as well as offer access to exclusive merchandise and events.


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Source: Anime! Anime!




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