Show Your Sword Boy Love with "Touken Ranbu" Umbrellas

SuperGroupies launches its latest stylish fan accessory


SuperGroupies continues to make it stylish to be a fan, and they're returning to one of their more popular lines with this new set of umbrellas.


Touken Ranbu fans can remember their favorite sword boys rain or shine, thanks to four new umbrellas. Each integrates the color, style, and crest of one of the game-turned-series's leads into its design, making it pretty for those not in the know and familiar for fellow fans.



The Sayo Samonji design features a subdued navy/blue pattern with square "dots." A small tassel on the handle mimics the tassel on his costume, and a black and orange snap-closure strap bears his crest.




The Midare Toushirou design mimics his cute, feminine style, adding a pink border and white frills to a navy-striped umbrella. The handle bears an adorable pink bow.



The Monoyoshi Sadamune design integrates his floral crest into a subtle pattern, with pastels and blacks to mimic his contrasting uniform. The black and gold strap bears the same pattern as his sleeve, and a tassel hangs from the handle.



And the Uguisumaru design is a straightforward green and black design, with red and white points and flower accents matching his crest. The handle bears a red tassel.


The four umbrellas are available now to order from SuperGroupies, at 6,800 yen each. They will be available until February 4.


>> SuperGroupies Touken Ranbu Product Page

>> Watch Katsugeki Touken Ranbu on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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