Cosplay Conquers All in "Oh My Jump! Shonen Jump Saves the World" TV Drama

New series about adults sharing a passion for "Weekly Shōnen Jump" heroes heads to TV Tokyo on January 12, 2018


You're never too old to be a hero, or at least that's the premise of Oh My Jump! Shonen Jump Saves the World, a new live-action TV drama about adults who meet in a secret club where they can live out their fantasies of being the heroes of famous Weekly Shōnen Jump titles such as NarutoOne PieceSaint Seiya, and Fist of the North Star.



In Oh My Jump! Shonen Jump Saves the World, Atsushi Ito stars as Hiroshi Tsukiyama, a mild-mannered salaryman who works at a beverage company. One day, Hiroshi witnesses his boss sexually harassing a co-worker, but he is too scared to intervene. Later, Hiroshi meets a mysterious man (played by Shigeru Saiki) who introduces him to "Oh My Jump!", a secret club where ordinary people cosplay as their favorite Weekly Shōnen Jump heroes in order to find inspiration to deal with their problems.



Oh My Jump! Shonen Jump Saves the World is directed by Koichiro Miki, Rikiya Imaizuma, and Takahiro Aoyama and features screenplays by Nonji Nemoto, Mitsutoshi Saijo, and Yusuke Moriguchi. The series broadcasts on Fridays during the midnight time slot (12:12 AM JST) on TV Tokyo.



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