Takuya Fujima's 5th Art Collection Book "ViVidmemorial" Goes on Sale on June 26

"Nanoha Vivid" manga series released 20 tankobon volumes

Kodokawa has confirmed that the fifth art collection book of popular Japanese illustrator/manga artist Takuya Fujima, titled "ViVidmemorial," will go on sale on June 26. The 176-page book will include his latest and favorite arts for his Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid manga series the TV anime Vivid Strike! (he served as the original character designer) mainly.




His Nanoha Vivid manga was serialized in Kodokawa's Monthly Comp-Ace magazine for eight years from 2009

to 2017, and its last 20th tankobon volume was released on December 26. His new Nanoha manga Magical girl

lyrical Reflection THE COMICS has been running in the magazine since its February 2018 issue released on

December 26.


"Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha ViVid" 20th volume (special/regular edition)



New Year's Day art on Twitter



1st art collection book "ViVidcolor" (March 2012)


2nd art collection book "ViVidgirls" (September 2012)


3rd art collection book "ViVidstyle" (October 2014)


4th art collection book "ViVidgarden" (October 2016)


Source:Kadokawa Store, Takuya Fujima Twitter


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