Director Tatsuki Teases His New Project with Character Art on Twitter

He has already departed from the "Kemono Friends" anime project

Tatsuki, who was highly praised for his directorial and many other works for the Kemono Friends anime series last year, posted an illustration featuring two new mysterious characters with his comment, only saying "????" on his official Twitter last night. While nothing is confirmed or announced, most fans expect that this is a teaser visual for his new project.


The short black hair girl on the left has oni-ish small horns on her head and is looking on her smartphone, and the other girl with long pink hair on the right has fox-like ears. The name plate of the station suggests the location is Nakano, Tokyo, in the modern-day Japan. So the shopping complex in the background can be considered as Nakano Broadway, which is internationally famous for its otaku-oriented stores.




As reported, he has already left the Kemono Friends anime project, and has been recruiting new staff,

such as background artists and animators, for his unknown next project via Twitter as below.





Source: Tatsuki Twitter


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