Pink PreCure "Pass the Baton" in New Clip

"Hugtto! PreCure" prepares to take over next month


In the world of super sentai, it's tradition for the outgoing and incoming red rangers to have a "baton pass" scene at the end of each season. And for PreCure, the magical girl franchise that's about as close to sentai as possible, the tradition holds true for pink Cures, too.


As Kira Kira PreCure a la Mode! wraps up and Hugtto! PreCure prepares to come in next month, Cure Whip (CV Karen Miyama) and Cure Yell (CV Rie Hikisaka) share a moment over a celebratory cake in a scene shared by Toei.



Hugtto! PreCure will be the fifteenth installment of the franchise, which started with Futari wa PreCure (Pretty Cure) in 2004. The new season will focus on themes of the future and achieving one's dreams.


>> PreCure 15th Anniversary Website

>> Watch Pretty Cure on Crunchyroll

Source: Ota-Suke




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