Takashi Miike Works on His Second Tokusatsu TV Series for Girls "Majimajo Pures!"

EXPG (EXILE PROFESSIONAL GYM) supervises the girls' dance performance

Following the ongoing Idol x Senshi Miracle Tunes!, 57-year-old Takashi Miike (Terra Formars, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I) is confirmed to again serve as general director and one of the episode directors for TV Tokyo's new tokusatsu TV series for girls, Mahou x Senshi Majimajo Pures!. The second installment of the station's "Girls x Heroine" live-action series is set to premiere this spring. 


The story centers on the protagonist girl Momoka Aino, who is in the first grade of junior high school. On the day of the entrance ceremony, she becomes a members of "Mahou Senshi Majimajo Pures!" with the guidance of mysterious power. Along with Rin Shirayuki and Mitsuki Hanamori, she uses her magical dance power to fight against the enemies from "Jyamakai" who are trying to take people's dreams.


Key visual


1st PV


Cast interview




Source: Takara Tommy press release, Licca-chan official Twitter


© TOMY, OLM/Majimajo Pures! Production Committee, TV Tokyo


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