"PreCure Super Stars!" Film Sold Record-Breaking 60,000 Advance Tickets in Just Two Days

PreCure franchise's 24th feature film features the 12 girls from the recent three series

Mantan Web reported that Toei Animation's upcoming feature film PreCure Super Stars! sold a record-breaking 60,000 advance tickets in just two days from its release on February 3.


It was the highest record in the magical girl franchise's 15-year history with 24 films, overwhelmingly surpassing the previous record of 43,000 marked by Futari wa PreCure Max Heart the Movie released in April 2005, when the franchise was on one of the peaks of its popularity in Japan.


The most successful film in the franchise is PreCure All Stars DX2: Light of Hope - Protect the Rainbow Jewel! that earned 1.11 billion yen in March 2010. Because of the great sales of its advance tickets and the favourable reputation of the ongoing 15th TV series Hugtto! PreCure, the franchise's fans are anticipating that PreCure Super Stars! will break the box office record for the

first time in eight years.


The new PreCure crossover film featuring the 12 PreCure girls from the recent three TV series: Maho

Girls PreCure! (2016–2017), Kirakira PreCure a la Mode (2017–2018), and Hugtto! PreCure (2018-)

is directed by Yoko Ikeda (Suite PreCure The Movie), and is set to be released in Japan on March 17.  


Full trailer


"PreCure Super Stars!" poster visual



Source: Mantan Web


(C)2018 Movie PreCure Super Stars! Production Committee


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