Three Magical Girls Join the Games in "Maerchen Maedchen" TV Anime

Magical girl TV anime based on light novels by Tomohiro Matsu and StoryWorks is currently airing in Japan


Three more magical girls have joined the cast of Maerchen Maedchen, a currently airing TV anime based on the series of light novels developed by Tomohiro Matsu and StoryWorks (with illustrations by Kantoko) about a young girl who begins training to wield magic after a fateful encounter with an enchanted book.



The new cast members include:


  • Ari Ozawa as Tatyana, a member of the Russian school team.
  • Amina Satō as Angelina, a member of the American school team.
  • And Azusa Tadokoro as Sachi Hino, a member of the Japanese school team.



The original Maerchen Maedchen light novels are published in Japan by Shueisha under their Dash X Bunko imprint. The Maerchen Maedchen TV anime is directed by Hisashi Saeto and Shigeru Ueda and features animation by Hoods Entertainment. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan on Tokyo MX, AT-X, and BS11, and is also available via streaming on Crunchyroll, who describe Maerchen Maedchen as follows:



This is a story about girls (called "Maedchen") who are selected by “Origin”. They attend school of witchcraft located all over the world to wield their magic and become first-rate “Origin Masters”. Their goal is to win at the annual Hexennacht competition, where representatives of each school compete in their abilities to wield their magic. The winner gets to have one wish magically granted. Due to lack of members, Japan might not be able to attend the annual competition this year. but things start to change when one day Shizuka Tsuchimikado, the leader of Japan meets Hazuki Kagimura.




Official Maerchen Maedchen TV anime home page and Twitter feed (@maerchen_anime)



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