Show off Angelic Style with "Panty & Stocking" Souvenir Jacket

Stylish new sukajan shows which angel is in charge


It's been more than seven years, and we're still not over Gainax's weird Christmas present to us. But for Panty & Stocking fans looking for a way to show their fandom all these years later, Village Vanguard has rolled out a new souvenir jacket.



The stylish sukajan is themed to fan-favorite Stocking, featuring Honekoneko faces on the front and an explosive action pose on the back. Panty and Garterbelt also appear, crashing through the scene in the bottom left of the back design, captioned "GO GO GO for a WILD RIDE with The Fallen A*****!!!"



The jacket is available to buy online for 14,904 yen (tax included), and at a limited number of PARCO stores in Japan.


>> Village Vanguard Panty & Stocking Product Page

Source: Anime! Anime!




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