The Beatdowns Commence in "Hokuto ga Gotoku" Video Series

Sega shows us how to make the heads pop like dandelions


Sega posted a series of videos for the Yakuza team's take on Fist of the North Star, Hokuto ga Gotoku. These clips are all about how to play the brawler, from some beginner beatdowns to advanced techniques. 


The first gets the basics out of the way:


In case you forgot, yes, you can beat up enemies with their own dying words. You can see how that's done below:


Finally, we have the most powerful moves in Kenshiro's arsenal thanks to the Burst feature:


Hokuto ga Gotoku hits PS4 in Japan on March 8. 



Joseph Luster is the Games and Web editor at Otaku USA Magazine. You can read his webcomic, BIG DUMB FIGHTING IDIOTS at subhumanzoids. Follow him on Twitter @Moldilox.

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