New "Pop Team Epic" Lottery Is Garbage (According to Them)

"Everyone's Lottery" offers stylish subculture goodies next month


So, how good are the goodies in next month's "Everyone's Lottery" collab with Pop Team Epic? Terrible, apparently.


The upcoming Everyone's Lottery (Minna no Kuji) campaign is titled Pop Team Epic ~This Lottery Is Garbage!~, but that's probably in the eye of the beholder. Winners of the locally-held giveaway can pick up items emblazoned with the likenesses of subculture queens Popuko and Pipimi.


A rundown of the prizes:


 Prize A: Popuko Cushion (30 cm)

Prize B: Pipimi Cushion (35 cm)

Prize C: Deck of Cards

Prize D: Socks (Set of 3 pairs, one size fits all)

Prize E: Melamine Cups (Set of 3)

Prize F: A4 Wall Stickers (Set of 4)

Prize G: Rubber Magnet (1 of 10)

The lottery is 650 yen per spin, and starts March 25 at participating stores.


>> Minna no Kuji Website

>> Watch Pop Team Epic on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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