Rescue Popuko from YouTube Jail at "Pop Team Epic" Puzzle Rooms

Puzzle and mystery games kick off for popular series


If you've ever wanted to immerse yourself fully in the world of Pop Team Epic... well, for starters, you'll have what you're having. But all joking aside, there's a place you can go to do just that.


Event company Asobi Factory will be launching its Pop Team Epic event, "Takeshobo Must Be Destroyed," next month. Participants are placed in the role of investigators charged with solving four cases: "The Case of the Missing College Girl," "The Case of the Jinbocho Gang War," "The Case of the Frozen Internet Hot Take Man," and "The Case of the Falsified Pop Team Epic Sales." Master all four cases, and you can move on to the final case, which shares the title of the event.


To quote Asobi factory, "Let's all destroy Takeshobo together!"


The event will require purchase of a "mystery kit" and installing LINE on your phone. The whole event, which sees you wandering around Jinbocho looking for clues, should take approximately 3-5 hours.


Meanwhile, Tokyo Mystery Circus is continuing its Pop Team Epic collaboration with sales of a clear file puzzle. Solve the clues to break Popuko out of YouTube Prison... though we're pretty sure she's in there for a reason.


The mystery clear file is on sale now. Asobi Factory's mystery event will run from March 10 to July 1.


>> Tokyo Mystery Circus Website

>> Asobi Factory Pop Team Epic -Takeshobo Must Be Destroyed- Site

>> Watch Pop Team Epic on Crunchyroll

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