Shonen Jump Opens 50th Anniversary "Jump Library"

Immerse yourself in the history of shonen manga


Ever wish you had all the Shonen Jump ever? For a limited time, there will be a library that lets you access just that.


The 50th anniversary Jump Library will have a limited run next month in Roppongi Hills, giving fans free access to a collection of thousands of back issues. In fact, the majority of the mag's 2406-issue history will be at your fingertips to read on-site.


The tables, chairs, and lighting fixtures will also be designed to look like issues of Jump, to add to the immersive and fun atmosphere.



Visitors will be able to order drinks from a special collaboration menu, including lattes featuring art of beloved Shonen Jump characters. LINE users will also be able to use special stickers only available on-site, thanks to LINE's Beacon functionality.


The Jump Library will be open March 15-26 at the Roppongi Hills Cafe/Space.


>> Jump Library Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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