"Magical Girl Site" Logs on with New PV and Key Visual

"Magical festa." to take place in advance of premiere


The upcoming spring season's magical girl deconstruction is stepping things up with a new PV, featuring the blood-crying heroines of Magical Girl Site.


The adaptation of the Magical Girl Apocalypse spinoff follows Aya, a bullied girl, as she receives magical powers from a mysterious website. Her abilities leave her crying blood, meeting fellow magical girls in her class, and becoming subject to a strange countdown on the website in question.


The new PV also gives us our first listen to "Changing point," the OP performed by the series's five lead voice actresses under the group name i☆Ris. Also featured is Haruka Yamazaki's ED theme, "Zenzen Tomodachi."

With this new ad comes a new voice: that of the Magical Girl Site's administrator. The strange figure is voiced by Ryusei Nakao (Freeza from Dragon Ball).


The anime's official site and social media has launched a new key visual, featuring the series's five central characters:



Additionally, a live event has been announced in advance of the show's premiere. Simply called "Magical festa.", it will feature a screening of the first episode, a chat wit the main cast, and a performance of "Changing point." The event takes place March 18.



Magical Girl Site premieres April 6.


Source: MoCa-News, Ota-Suke




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