NHK Launches Online Poll "All Gundam Big Voting" for Gundam Franchise's 40th Anniversary

The winners will be announced in the live-broadcasting program on May 5

NHK, Japan's national public broadcasting station launched an online poll project titled "All Gundam Big Voting 40th" for the fans of Sunrise's long-running Mobile Suit Gundam franchise to vote for their favorite series, characters, mobile suits (mechas), and songs. The franchise started with its first TV series in 1979 and celebrates its 40th anniversary this year.


According to the project site, the Gundam franchise has had 56 series, over 2,000 characters, 900 mechas and 200 theme songs. You can vote for your favorites until 23:59 on April 20, then the winners will be announced in the live-broadcasting program to be aired on NHK BS Premium on May 5 (1st part: 21:00-23:30/2nd part: 23:45-24:45).


During the voting period, NHK BS Premium will air a special one-hour program to introduce the 40-year history of the Gundam franchise, "Rekishi Hiwa: Gundam Historia" at 00:00 on April 2.




Source: NHK


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