Give Hell Teacher Nube a Hand at Shonen Jump Theme Park

J-World Tokyo celebrates 90s titles with new menu and gift shop items


J-World Tokyo, the official Shonen Jump theme park, is (naturally) in on the publication's 50th anniversary celebrations. For their most recent campaign, they're stepping back to the 90s, offering some vintage anime and manga goodies both in their cafes and their gift shops.



If you've ever thought a charcuterie board would be better with a Hell Teacher Nube twist, J-World has you covered. The "Demon's Hand Meat Plate" comes with Salami, sausage, rice, crackers, and a side salad.



For fans of Tottemo! Luckyman, there's a special pizza with all the fixings, alongside a chabashira-esque drink.



For those with a sweet tooth, there's a strawberry shortcake decorated like a soccer ball and served with a Josui jersey cookie, reminiscent of sports anime Whistle!

And the title horse of Midori no Makibao appears on the menu in the form of a smiling cheesecake.


Goods from all four of the aforementioed series, as well as new merch from perennial favorite Yu Yu Hakusho, will be available for purchase at the J-World shops.



The 90s-style goods will be available from March 16 to June 17, exclusively at J-World Tokyo.


>> Official J-World Tokyo Website

Source: Anime! Anime!




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