"Fate/Grand Order" Explores Early America in Fifth Singularity

Berserker Florence Nightingale and more to join the brawl on Western servers


Provided you survived the seven trials of the Count of Monte Cristo (or played it safe and avoided them entirely), the next challenge awaiting Western masters is set to hit a little closer to home.


The Fifth Singularity, "E Pluribus Unum," originally debuted in Japan in March 2016. Also called the "North American Myth War," this Singularity blends Celtic and First Nations mythologies against the backdrop of North America in 1783.



Players will meet five-star Berserker Florence Nightingale (soft-launched in the previous mini-campaign as Mercèdés), voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro and designed by Jormungand creator Keitarou Takahashi. Also joining the brawl are Geronimo, Helena Blatavsky, Billy the Kid, Rama, Thomas Edison, and Cu Chulainn (Alter).


Cu Chulainn (Alter), Medb, Thomas Edison, and Li Shuwen (Lancer) will also be unlocked in all Quartz-type summoning, and Geronimo will be received after completion of the Singularity.



Additionally, all you Gudaos and Gudakos out there have a chance to pick up up to ten bonus Saint Quartz in the current Facebook campaign. Starting at 3 SQ for 15,000 likes or 5,000 shares, the tiers continue upward to 25,000 likes or 10,000 shares for the full ten!


"E Pluribus Unum" drops on March 15 UTC.


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Source: Fate/Grand Order USA Facebook Page




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