Idol Anime Franchise "Aikatsu!" First Remix Song Album "NOT ODAYAKA” Previewed in Video

13-song album will be available for a limited time of 20 days until April 1

In commemoration of the final stage of the club event "ALL AIKATSU STARS! LIVE STATION2 DJ LIVE JAPAN TOUR" which has been held across Japan since April 2017, Namco will release "AIKATSU! ANION 'NOT ODAYAKA' Remix," the first club-sound remix album featuring the songs from the Aikatsu! idol anime franchise and the smartphone game Aikatsu! Photo on Stage! 


"Not Odayaka (Odayaka-janai/It doesn't look calm)" is a favorite phrase of one of the main characters, Aoi Kiriya, who is featured on the backside of the CD jacket.


The 13-second album will be sold at the venue of the "AIKATSU!! AniON ALL-MIX" event to be held at ageHa in Tokyo on March 23, and will be also available on Bandai's official online store Premium Bandai for a limited time of 20 days until April 1.


Song list:

1. "Calendar Girl"  [kz Remix]

2. "Move on now!"  [DJKazu & Co. Remix]

3. "prism spiral"  [DJ WILDPARTY Remix]

4. "Take Me Higher"[DJ'TEKINA//SOMETHING Remix]

5. "Hirari/Hitori/Kirari"  [WMHL Remix]

6. "Kira・pata・shining"[PandaBoY Remix]

7. "Chica×Chica"[KAN TAKAHIKO Remix]

8. "Glass Doll"[TeddyLoid Remix]

9. "Dream Balloon"[Hige Driver Remix]

10. "Otona Mode"[YUC'e Remix]

11. "Summer☆Magic"[Batsu Remix]

12. "START DASH SENSATION"[Taku Inoue Remix] 

13. "Trap of Love" [Ishihama Kakeru Remix]



CD jacket front


CD jackt back



CD label







 Source: Namco press release


(C)BNP/BANDAI, DENTSU, TV TOKYO (C)2018 NAMCO All rights reserved.


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