Takagi-san Is the Master of Wake-Up Calls in New App

Rie Takahashi lends her voice to teasing alarm


If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, maybe you need the master of teasing to give you a wake-up call.


GameGate is releasing its new KARAKAI JOUZU TAKAGI-SAN alarm app, featuring Rie Takahashi reprising her role as the masterful teaser. 85 standard voice lines are included -- mix and match three to create your ideal wake-up call from Takagi-san. 30 additional voice lines are included besides the alarm features. And, if it's still a bit too early for you, there's a snooze function, too.



To celebrate the app's release, GameGate is holding a follow and retweet campaign. Follow @gamegate_jp and retweet their campaign tweet by April 6 for a chance to win one of three cards autographed by Rie Takahashi.


>> Takagi-san Alarm for iOS

>> Takagi-san Alarm for Android

>> Watch KARAKAI JOUZU NO TAKAGI-SAN on Crunchyroll

Source: MoCa-News




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