72-Year-Old Comedian Tamori Provides Voices and Sounds for Hayao Miyazaki's "Boro the Caterpillar"

14 minutes 20 seconds short film will start screening at Ghibli Museum on March 21

It is confirmed today that 72-year-old Japanese comedian/TV host Tamori provied all of the voices and sounds for Hayao Miyazaki's new short film Kemushi no Boro/Boro the Caterpillar, except the ending piano tune composed by Miyazaki's long-time collaborator Joe Hisaishi. Miyazaki says, "I appreciate for the staff who worked with me until the end, my wife who told me about Noborogiku (Senecio vulgaris), and Tamori-san who provided the sound. Without Tamori-san, this film would never be completed. Thank you." 


The 14-minute 20-second film was completed in January 2018 and is scheduled to be screened at the Doseiza (Saturn) Theater in Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo, from March 21. This is the 10th original anime short film produced for exclusive screenings at the 80-seat theater. 



"Kemushi no Boro/Boro the Caterpillar" story:

Just before dawn, Boro the Caterpillar hatched from an egg among patches of scrub grass. Looking

around for the first time, he noticed the brilliance of the morning sun and a deliciousness in the air.

Boro lowered himself down to the ground from the borogiku (groundsel), and stepped out into the

world of caterpillars and caterpillars' enemies.



via: Mantan Web


(c)2018 Studio Ghibli


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