"Kemono Friends" Returns to Tobu Zoo for a Third Collaboration

Event includes new standees, new artwork, and in-park broadcasts from PPP and Margay


Mixed media project Kemono Friends and Tobu Zoo in Saitama are teaming up once again for a third collaboration that will run from April 21 - July 01, 2018, and the collaboration includes new artwork by concept artist Mine Yoshizaki (below), in-zoo broadcasts recorded by Kemono Friends voice actresses, and 51 standees of Friends that will be scattered throughout the zoo alongside their corresponding animals.



In addition to Yozhizaki's promotional artwork featuring Serval, White Tiger, Hululu, Raccoon, Fennec, and Grape-kun participating in the park's "Animal Rapport Parade" event, the festivities will also include a performance of the Tobu Zoo theme song covered by PPP ("Penguin Performance Project") and in-park announcements by PPP (voiced by Mikoi Sasaki, Ruka Nemoto, Kyoko Tamura, Aina Aiba, and Ikuko Chikuta) and Margay (voiced by Mami Yamashita).




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