VIDEO: i☆Ris Members Served as Motion Actors for "Idol Time PriPara" 50th Episode

"PriPara" TV anime series will end its four-year history next Tuesday

In the latest 50th episode of Idol Time PriPara aired in Japan last night, SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé performed the anime's last OP song "Memorial" together as their combined super unit SoLaMiDressing.


For the first time, the six-members of voice actress idol unit i☆Ris, who have voiced the characters of the two units for four years since the beginning of the PriPara anime series in July 2014, served as motion actors for the CG stage footage of the song. Avex Pictures has posted a three-minute behind-the-scenes clip for it with their messages to their characters.


The unit was formed by the six winners of the 1st Anison Vocal Audition held in August 2012. In addition to performing the six main characters as listed below, they also performed eight OP songs for the first series PriPara aired from 2014 to 2017. 


[i☆Ris members and their PriPara characters]

 Saki Yamakita (26): Sion Todo

 Yu Serizawa (22): Mirei Minami

 Himika Akaneya (23): Laala Manaka

 Yuuki Wakai (22): Reona West

 Miyu Kubota (22): Sophy Hojo

 Azuki Shibuya (24): Dorothy West 


The last 51st espisode of Idol Time PriPara, which is also the last 191st episode of the whole PriPara

anime series, will be aired in Japan on March 27.





Following the two songs by The World Standard, i☆Ris have provided the third and final OP song for 

Idol Time PriPara. The song "Memeorial" has been used since the sequel series' 40th episode aired on

January 9 and its CD single was already released as their 15th single on February 21. 


"Memorial" short MV


Limited edition CD jacket



Regular edition



"PriPara" 1st season 1st OP song "Make it!" (August 20, 2014 release)




"PriPara" 1st season 2nd OP song "Miracle☆Paradise" (November 12, 2014)




"PriPara"1st season 3rd OP "Realize!" (February 18, 2015)




"PriPara" 2nd season 1st OP song "Dream Parade" (July 8, 2015)




"PriPara" 2nd season 2nd OP song "Bright Fantasy" (October 28, 2015)




"PriPara" 2nd season 3rd OP song "Goin'on" (February 17, 2016)




"PriPara" 3rd season 1st OP song "Ready Smile!!" (June 1, 2016)




"PriPara" 3rd season 3rd OP song "Shining Star" (March 8, 2017)




 Source: i☆Ris official website


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