Otaku Girls RPG "Pastel Memories" TV Anime Conquers the Small Screen

Main staff announced for adaptation based on smart phone game developed by FuRyu


The main staff has been revealed for Pastel Memories, an upcoming TV anime based on the "otaku girls" smart phone game developed by FuRyu about a group of young women who struggle to preserve the "otaku holy land" of Akihabara.


The main staff for Pastel Memories includes:




The story of Pastel Memories is set in the future year 20XX, when the otaku culture in the town of Akihabara, which was once called "the holy land of otaku", has declined. A group of girls with otaku-related skills gather at one of the few remaining otaku shops and fight against viruses invading various fantastical worlds in order to restore the lost memories stolen from the people's minds.




Official Pastel Memories home page



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