"Attack on Titan: Lost Girls" Anime Promo Says Farewell to Wall Sina

Unshou Ishizuka and other new additions join the voice cast


The rest of Annie's story will be told in anime form when the Attack on Titan: Lost Girls adaptation continues next month. "Annie Volume (Second Half)" arrives packaged with the Japanese release of volume 25 on April 9, and you can see more of the "Wall Sina, Goodbye" story and new cast members below. 



Cast additions include: 


Annie's Father: Unshō Ishizuka (Mr. Satan in Dragon Ball Super)

Wald: Jouji Nakata (Kirei in Fate/stay night)

Lou: Kaito Ishikawa (Tenya in My Hero Academia) 

Carly: Junko Kitanishi (Anastasia in Drifters) 

Stratmann: Kiyomitsu Mizuuchi (Iggy in Ergo Proxy)


"Mikasa Volume" will follow when volume 26 hits shelves in Japan on August 9.


Attack on Titan: Lost Girls was originally a pair of visual novels from Nitroplus and anime screenwriter Hiroshi Seko, released with volumes 3 and 6 of the original TV anime's Blu-ray release in 2013 (Mikasa's "Lost in the Cruel World"  and Annie's "Goodbye Wall Sina"). In 2014,  Seko expanded these into a prose novel (released in North America by Vertical). In 2015, it became a manga from Ryōsuke Fuji (released in North America by Kodansha Comics). 


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