Get Your Digi-Drink on at "Digimon Adventure tri." Cafe

Ani-ON STATION celebrates sixth film with a menu fit for the DigiDestined


Party down with the DigiDestined one last time as Ani-ON STATION presents their Digimon Adventure tri. music cafe! The event, timed to coincide with the sixth film, will feature food, drinks, music, and limited-edition goods tailor-made for fans.


The drinks menu features a themed (non-alcoholic!) drink for each pair -- from Taichi and Agumon's Mango Soda to Meiko and Meicoomon's Orange Tea. Each drink comes with a garnish evocative of the 'mon it inspired, and is served on a Digivice-shaped coaster.



The cafe's website has already debuted a few of its themed menu items, including a "Digital World" curry, "Butter-Fly" carbonara, and a "DigiDestined" parfait.



The cafe will be going up at multiple Ani-ON STATION locations, including Akiba, Namba, and Sapporo. Admission is available for either cafe reservations (drinks, food, a souvenir bromide, access to goods, and a photo spot) or party reservations (all of the above, as well as access to an Ani-ON STATION special program).


>> Digimon Adventure tri. Ani-ON STATION Site

>> Watch Digimon Adventure tri. on Crunchyroll

Source: Anime! Anime!




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