New Mook Features All You Wanted to Know about Kamille Bidan

"Kamille Bidan x Pia" joins the mag's "Gundam" mook line


"Kamille" is a man's name, and Kamille Bidan is the man of the hour in his very own new Pia magazine book. Kamille Bidan x Pia is an in-depth new mook exploring the history of the Gundam Zeta and ZZ Gundam hero.



Readers will find in-depth studies of Kamille from a variety of angles: his friends, loved ones, youth, rivalries, and how he's seen through the eyes of other Gundam luminaries. In particular, readers can look forward to a study of his rivalry with Jerid Messa, as well as a look back on his epic battle against Paptimus Scirocco.



Kamille Bidan x Pia is the latest in the mag's Gundam series, following an mook focusing on Char Aznable.


>> Kamille Bidan x Pia Product Page


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