A-1 Pictures Rebrands Their Kōenji Studio as CloverWorks

A-1's Asagaya Studio retains original name and identity for the present


As of April 01, 2018, Kōenji Studio - a subdivision of A-1 Pictures - has assumed a new name and a new focus as CloverWorks. The animation studio is still headquarted in the Kōenji district of Suginami Ward in Tokyo. According to parent company A-1 Pictures, the name change is meant to differentiate CloverWorks from A-1 Picture's Asagaya Studio, and to allow each studio to create their own unique brand identity within the world of Japanese animation.


In addition to the name-change, CloverWorks now has their own official home page and Twitter feed (@CloverWorks). The official home page lists their contributions to such anime as Ace Attorney, Slow Start, PERSONA5 the Animation, and DARLING in the FRANXX.



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Official A-1 Pictures home page



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