Supernatural Action Explodes in "Phantom in the Twilight" TV Anime PV

Original TV anime by Happy Elements heads to Tokyo MX and other stations in July of 2018


An action-packed new preview video has been published for Phantom in the Twilight, an upcoming original TV anime produced by Happy Elements that stars a cast of handsome monsters who protect the human world from incursions from the shadow-realm while moonlighting as employees at a midnight cafe.



Phantom in the Twilight takes place in a modern London where monstrous beings known as "shadows" are born out of human fears. A young woman named Bayrou Ton gets mixed up in a strange incident as soon as she arrives at college, and then she discovers a mysterious midnight eatery known as "Cafe Forbidden". The employees of "Cafe Forbidden" are "shadows" who protect the boundary between the human world and the shadow-realm, and Bayrou's great-grandmother was the cafe's original owner and a powerful magic-user.



Phantom in the Twilight is directed by Kunihiro Mori and features animation by Liden Films. The series will broadcast on Tokyo MX, BS Fuji, and other stations beginning in July of 2018.


Source: Comic Natalie



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