Masaki Suda, Kanna Hashimoto Confirmed to Return in "Gintama" Live-Action Film Sequel

Still, director Fukuda doesn't deny the appearance of Jiro Sato as Kagura

As expected by fans, the official website for the upcoming Gintama live-action film sequel confirmed today on April 16 that Masaki Suda (25) and Kanna Hashimoto (19) are reprising their well-received roles as Shinpachi Shimura and Kagura, respectively.


Shun Oguri as Gintoki Sakata:

"From the beginning, Fukuda-san has told me that he wanted to make more than one film. Thankfully, the first film was watched by so many people, and I'm happy to be able to continue."


Masaki Suda: Shinpachi Shimura:

"Because we were already talking about making a sequel during the filming of the first one, we have

naturally planned ahead. While people often talk about a possibility of a sequel to many other films,

it is very rare to see it really happen, so I'm very happy about this."


Kanna Hashimoto as Kagura:

"I strongly felt that the hurdles of comedy had been raised so high in the sequel, so I practiced my

expressions for various scenes a lot before the filming. I was able to perform congenially with big

smiles in the scenes of the three members of Yorozuya, saying 'It's so fun!.'"



All the filming was wrapped up by April 7. While its official title has not been announced yet, the highly-

anticipated live-action sequel is set to be released in Japan on August 17, 2018.  




Since the launch of the sequel project, director Yuichi Fukuda has been teasing a possible appearance

by 48-year-old actor Jiro Sato (who played Henpeita Takechi in the first) as the main heroine Kagura

in the sequel. It seems that he still doesn't give up the idea. At the same time with the announcement

for Kanna Hashimoto's return as Kagura, Fukuda says on Twitter:


"The rumor about Jiro Sato playing Kagura is finally denied... No! We don't know that yet!"


Jiro Sato tried to wear Kagura's costume in February.


Source: "Gintama" live-action film website/Twitter, Yuichi Fukuda Twitter,


(C)Hideaki Sorachi/Shueisha (C)2017 Movie "Gintama" Production Committee


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